Blue Green Solutions - Welcome App - Social Impact Story

Eric Weijers
September 7, 2023

We are thrilled to share about the collaboration that has been unfolding since the Mx Hackathon of 2022.

At Blue Green Solutions we embraced the significant responsibility of propelling Welcome app towards greater heights. Welcome app was last year's use case at the Mendix Hackathon for the EMEA region.

So form May this year, we have been working with Welcome app and Linden-MX, to develop the Welcome App 2.0 on the Mendix platform.

Welcome App is a game-changer for newcomers, it facilitates the integration in the Netherlands and helps ensuring they feel at home in their new country.

The app connects new citizens to the right information, activities and people. They aim to smooth the transition of newcomers, ensuring that relocation is met with support, guidance, and a sense of belonging.

We felt the need of taking ownership in situations of shared responsibility

Our journey to redesign and relaunch the Welcome App has been a blast. It is great to experience what we can achieve when innovative minds, tech skills, and a shared commitment to societal change come together. We take pride in the fact that we took up the glove and are able to contribute to this relevant cause. Also, it’s about having fun at what you do, maybe even more importantly, to finish what you started! (or in this case, finish what 100's of developers started 😉).

Stay tuned for updates as we come closer to the go-live!

Curious about this great initiative? Have a look at the website of the Welcome App: