Low-code Enablement

Going low-code is not only about interacting differently with complexities on a computer screen. It is about a different way of tackling organization complexities regarding innovation as an organization as a whole.

Mendix partner

Business sense

Partner enablement

Customer Enablement - code as a strategy

We support your organization to establish a Center of Excellence and, help you manage your application portfolio effectively, all this while simultaneously delivering the first Mendix applications.

Witness the transformative impact as Business and IT join hands in cross-company ‘Value Streams’ that fit into a modern hybrid approach of low-code and traditional code: the ‘App Factory’.

App-factory for Mendix @ Scale

We guide your organization through the process of integrating low-code solutions, making the path of change and expansion straightforward and manageable. We realize this by Maturity Scans, Fit Gap analysis teams & tooling and a strategic roadmap with milestones.

Co-create high quality Mendix apps

We mentor your software delivery teams while they are getting up to speed with Mendix. Our process includes staffing teams, co-creation, coaching, performing code reviews, organizing deep dives and workshops on advanced topics. Our Expert Certified consultants are fully available during this journey. This allows for a flexible transition towards technical maturity in your low-code software delivery.

Partner Enablement - High level Mendix delivery

Through structured training, coaching, and change management, we empower your organization with the tools and knowledge it needs to deliver high quality Mendix projects for your customers.

Expert on demand

When your team encounters roadblocks, we step in with a senior Expert to conduct deep dives and progress discussions. This service acts as an insurance policy for your (clients’) project, ensuring successful delivery.

Low-Code Practice Building

We cultivate your team's growth by coaching, performing code reviews, organizing deep dives and workshops on advanced topics until they become self-sufficient. Furthermore, we help you mature your services from POC’s to dev-ops and let go of areas that you are proficient in. This way you get what you need, when you need it, in your journey to becoming Mendix Experts yourselves.

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