About us

We support organisations with low code application development, hyperautomation, IT architecture, and how to transition to LowCode DevOps.

Blue Green Solutions has extensive experience in the financial, insurance, utility, government, chem-industry, logistics, and semi-conductor sectors, but welcomes all organisations to team up with us.

We are makers above all, and together have built hundreds of applications.

Our Expert Developers are supported by experienced project managers and change managers. This way, we ensure that your company gets the most value from your new IT solution, and always with a short time to value.

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Our core strength

We believe that people make a difference. That is why we have created a team of experts and talented developers. 

We have several Expert certified Mendix developers with a proven track record, real 'heavy hitters'!

Next to development and architecture work, they also fulfill a crucial role in the coaching and guidance of Medior and Junior developers.







Our Vision

Blue Green Solutions enables companies and people to take ownership of their IT landscape.

We stand for pragmatism and transparency in every step of the process and are willing to share our knowledge about Mendix.

We help customers, and even competitors, to build strong Mendix capabilities that support their ambitions.

We are dedicated to solve problems with scalable technology for large and medium-sized businesses.

Why Mendix?

Mendix has been the number one low-code development platform at Gartner and Forrester for over three years. The possibilities with Mendix are endless.

And because of the development speed, we can realize your application up to ten times faster than with traditional development methods.

Because of its scaling pricing model, Mendix is a cost-effective low-code platform.

Meet the team

Mitchel Mol

Expert Certified Mendix Developer

Leon de Kuiper

Mendix MVP and Expert Certified Developer

Rianne Laan

Expert Certified Mendix Developer

Our Location

Amsterdam Office

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