Our team

Almost everything is more fun together, that is why we work together at the office, sometimes remotely, but also at the customers' premises. To keep the connection, we prefer to come to the office at least once a week to have lunch together and to have a relaxed drink. We have several Seniors walking around who are Mendix Expert certified, real 'heavy hitters'! Next to development- and architecture work, they also fulfill a crucial role in the coaching and guidance of Medior and Junior developers.

Core TEam

Eric Weijers

Strategic Partnership Developer

Tom Brand

Expert Certified Mendix Developer

Leon de Kuiper

Mendix MVP and Expert Certified Developer

Mitchel Mol

Expert Certified Mendix Developer

Jan Haenen

Mendix Developer

Niels Leijen

Mendix Developer

Lennart Minnema

Mendix Developer

Yamen Khalifa

Mendix Developer

Lucas van Oosten

Mendix Developer

Martin Bouma

Expert Certified Mendix Developer

Jappe Kuijlman

Mendix Developer

Xavier Veul

Mendix Developer

Rianne Laan

Expert Certified Mendix Developer

Dennis Panneman

Customer Success Developer

Nikita Khajomia

Business Developer

Stephan Jacobs

Talent Developer

Michiel van der Meer

Content Developer

This Could be You

Senior/Medior/Junior Mendix Developer

Board of advisors

This Could Be You

Serial Entrepreneur / C-level Executive

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