Blue Green Solutions - Mendix 9 Highlights: 10 Noteworthy Features and Improvements

Mitchel Mol
June 27, 2023

As we anticipate the release of Mendix 10, let's take a moment to reflect on the highlights of Mendix 9. Here are ten key features and improvements that made a significant impact:

1. UI/UX Improvements:

  • Dark mode: Enable this energy-saving feature for a sleek interface.
  • Page explorer: Easily select smaller elements on complex pages.
How to enable dark mode in Studio Pro

2. Multiple Page Parameters:

  • Pass multiple objects to a page, simplifying UI/UX helper logic and allowing Microflows to function similarly.
Add multiple page parameters to your page

3. Workflow:

  • Introducing Workflow, a visual language for capturing business processes.
  • Pros: Streamline simple workflow processes and access basic workflow management via Workflow Commons.
  • Cons: Complex processes may require creative problem-solving due to default security settings and the dual-level flow logic.

4. Theming:

  • The internal editor in Studio Pro simplifies SASS maintenance.
  • Pros: Quick changes to SASS and easier onboarding for SASS newcomers.
  • Cons: Advanced features like searching across multiple files are not yet supported, and styling modules are necessary to access stylesheets.
How to run your Microflow call via the Task Queue.

5. While Loop:

  • Custom while loops are finally available, reducing clutter in microflows.
New while loop!

6. Task Queue:

  • Run tasks in a separate queue with improved monitoring capabilities through Task Queue Helpers.
  • Upsides: Running tasks across multiple nodes, simplified configuration, and separate entities for running and processed tasks.
  • Downsides: Data stored in system entities may require administrator access for monitoring, and server-specific configuration options have been removed.
How to run your Microflow call via the Task Queue

7. Data Grid 2:

  • A set of widgets aimed at replacing the old data grid, template grid, and list view widgets.
  • Features: Better responsiveness, improved scenario support, and based on the new pluggable widgets platform.
  • Work in progress: Not yet a complete replacement for all situations but a step in the right direction.

8. GIT Integration:

  • Mendix's integration with GIT enables versioning and supports teams in their collaboration needs.

9. Performance Enhancements:

  • Studio Pro performance issues have been addressed, with ongoing improvements in recent releases.

10. Custom Icons:

  • Add custom font-based icons to enhance the visual appeal of your applications.
How you may add a custom icon collection to your application.

In addition to these highlights, there have been numerous other updates and features introduced over the past year.What are you most excited about for the future of Mendix?

Join the conversation on the Mendix sub-reddit.  Feel free to share your favourite improvements, and stay tuned for my upcoming article on Mendix 10.