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Full Service IT solutions

We develop and implement IT solutions from A to Z. Whether your company knows exactly what it needs or if you want to explore with us how IT can contribute to optimizing business processes.

We investigate the business issue together, map out the roadmap, and realize the right IT application for your company. We ensure a short time to value and a sustainable implementation.

Mendix Partner Enablement

Do you see opportunities for your IT company to offer solutions for your clients with Mendix? Then we'll gladly help train your developers to become a successful Mendix Development Team.

We do this with training and coaching sessions. We supervise the first Mendix projects until your team is ready to independently offer solutions in Mendix.

In-house developers

Do you already have in-house developers, but are you missing a Mendix expert or an experienced project manager? Blue Green Solutions can realize an application together with your development team.

We manage the team and guide them during the development process in Mendix. This way you will have your own Mendix Development Team in no-time, and your company will be self-reliant in the (further) development and management of the application.

Product development

The focus of most Mendix parties lies on enterprise level, but we are always excited to work with SMEs with smaller development budgets.

Together with SMEs we develop products in a fast, exciting, dynamic and profitable way for all parties.

Mendix licenses

When helping out clients with an IT problem by utilizing Mendix, it could occur that the client doesn't have a Mendix license yet.

In this case we will 'onboard' the client together with Mendix, by advising the customer which Mendix license is best suited to their specific needs.

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