Blue Green Solutions - Singapore office acquired by a private investor

Eric Weijers
June 16, 2023

[Press Release] Blue Green Solutions Singapore has been acquired by a private investor and will continue their mission as ZONIQ.

After an awesome ride, both group management and local management, have decided that a separate entity will operate more smoothly in the local Singapore market.

This means that the Blue Green Singapore office with the help of a new investor will continue to deliver excellent Mendix services but no longer as part of the Blue Green family. We will remain to be working closely together with the Singapore entity on possible future projects that enable the APAC region.

The Blue Green Singapore office will be operating as ZONIQ effective July 1st 2023.

"Blue Green is an evangelist of Mendix and believes in a strong global Mendix community. We are proud that within 12 months a successful and independently running Mx Partner has been set up in a new region."

The mission of Blue Green remains unchanged, we continue to build a broad Mendix community worldwide by partnering and setting up hubs in new regions, which we help to build strong Mendix capabilities that support their ambitions.