Change Makers

The Partnership

Together with the Change Makers, Blue Green offers Mendix App Factory implementation and transformation services, as well as customer enablement related to Mendix capabilities.

About Change Makers

Change-Makers focuses on introducing, structuring and scaling low-code platforms within large(r) organizations which already make bespoke software. We focus on government and higher education, as well as commercial organizations.

- Our ‘Accelerate IT’-program assists IT-organizations, IT-suppliers, to embrace low-code development.

- Our ‘Leverage IT’-program helps end-users, IT-demand, to initiate ‘citizen development’.

We help in different stages of low-code maturity:

1. We introduce. Think market consultations, platform orientation, selection projects. Start-up architectures.

2. We implement. We help with organizational aspects of low-code - many preconditions need to be met in order to reap the benefits from low-code platforms at scale. We help recruit your team. But mainly we prepare your organization for all the energy that will be freed up!

3. We structure and scale. (Interim-) management for your low-code app-factory or project teams, advising your portfolio management, helping your information managers. All aimed at maximizing your low-code benefits.

We prevent double vendor lock-in by guiding you towards self-enablement.

The classical approach most low-code software vendors chose, was to present users with a pre-selected implementation partner, mostly domain-specific. By bringing their own way-of-work, these partners unwittingly created lock-in, consultants from other partners could not easily be deployed in teams. The result was limited availability of resources, in turn limiting growth and platform benefits, certainly within large(r) organizations.

Next to that, large(r) organizations who already have system development departments and start with low-code, seldom deeply understand the necessity to organize their low-code teams not within, but adjacent to existing teams.

Combine that with the necessity to work in scrum teams and you understand why successfully deploying low code at scale is not a technological issue - it is an organizational change.

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