Low-Code Café: Mendix Mythen

Do you want to identify if Low-code is the best solution for your business case? 📈

During our online café style webinar on September 21, we talked about the 7 misconception ’ilities’ regarding Low-code and Mendix:

👎 Flexibility - Low-code offers a limited set of functionalities

👎 Applicability - Low-code is only suitable for prototyping

👎 Ingenuity - Low-code is less challenging than classic code

👎 Security - Low-code is less secure than classic code

👎 Scalability - Low-code is less scalable in terms of performance

👎 Complexity - Low-code is not suitable for highly complex IT

👎 Dependability - Low-code makes you dependent on third parties for updates and support

Ready to transform you organization? Start with understanding the basics. 💡

Download the replay of the first edition of Blue Green’s Low-Code Café. (Dutch spoken)👇

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