Low-Code voor meer dan alleen prototyping

Low-Code voor meer dan alleen prototyping

Do you want to develop your idea into an MVP in just three months? Or are you curious about the solutions low code offers for the many challenges in the logistics sector?

Then you definitely should watch this edition of the Low-Code Café.

In this online café session, Kristiaan Wessels, the founder of the logistics platform ZenDeq, is our guest. In just three months, his idea was turned into a prototype and then into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

ZenDeq is a platform that makes it easy to request and compare prices for storing, transporting, and shipping your products worldwide.

We discussed with him:

👉 Challenges and the future of IT in the logistics sector

👉 His platform ZenDeq and how he came up with an idea and transformed it to an MVP in less than three months

👉 Low code as a tool stack for more than just prototyping

Ready to get started with your business idea? Download the replay.

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