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IT traineeship Mendix Developer - Singapore

You are awesome because..

The fact that you are reading this vacancy means that you would be interested in an IT traineeship, and that you might be starting your journey in the world of Low Code with us! Whether you just finished your study or if you are open to explore a career change, we are happy to get to know you and your ambitions, regardless of your field of expertise.

From every Trainee we expect that you are a critical thinker and a natural problem solver, a nice person and work well in teams, besides this you are based in or want to relocate to Singapore.

Why you, want to become a Trainee with us!

We take Traineeships very seriously, that's why we have created an environment with experienced mentors to nurture talent. A few of the milestones  (no worries, we will help you achieve this) in your traineeship will be:

  • Become Mendix Rapid Certified;
  • Learning the basics of HTML & CSS;
  • Gain knowledge of SQL;
  • Start working on your own app;
  • Master the SCRUM methodology (PSM1 certification);
  • Work with the team on a (international) project;
  • Getting your Mendix Intermediate Certification.

How long does the traineeship last?

Everyone learns differently. Some people are ready in 4 months and others need a few weeks longer. The traineeship takes a maximum of 8 months, depending on how quickly you pick up the material.

The first three months of your traineeship will be in Amsterdam, where our head office is located. There are numerous Mendix Certified Experts walking around there, who will guide you in the first phase.

Are you ready for this adventure?

Why you want us as your new employer!

Blue Green wants to shake up the world of IT consultancy. We believe in equality, transparency and rewards based on added value. We introduce a new way of working for (Mendix) developers. Other companies seem to grow towards hierarchies where developers with great knowledge and skill become managers, just to make steps in their career. We think this is wrong, therefore Blue Green Solutions distributes the earnings and responsibilities in a fair way because lead engineering work has more added value than managerial work.

We like

👍 People first mentality

👍 Profit sharing

👍 Focus on growth

We dislike

👎 top-down command & control

👎 Endlessly dragging out projects

👎 Profit first mentality

IT Traineeship Mendix

Working Together

(Almost) everything is more fun together. That is why we work together at the office, sometimes remotely, but also at the customers' premises. To keep the connection, we prefer to come to the office at least once a week to have lunch together and to have a relaxed drink.

We have several Seniors walking around who are Mendix Expert certified, real 'heavy hitters' so to say! Next to development and architecture work, they also fulfill a crucial role in the coaching and guidance of Medior and Junior developers and trainees.

Office hours? Between 08:00 and 20:00.
Working from home or the office(Singapore city)? Let’s find a nice balance!

Growing Together

During your traineeship we truly invest in your development and that is why you get 80 study days during this period. Together we decide the best way to spend these days. For example by going to a seminar or taking a course, or setting up your own research project and writing a blog about it. To be able to leverage on these days, you will have a study budget of SGD $2,000 per year at your disposal.

In addition, we hold monthly meet-ups where your colleagues but also industry peers are invited to exchange ideas. It is important that you are involved, eager to learn and that you have passion for your profession.

The party of the year is when we experience Mx-World together with the Blue Green team! We use these 2 (company) days to get to know all the ins and outs of the market as a team. Besides that, it's also great fun to experience this event together and to get to know your colleagues in a different setting.

Money Matters

As a Trainee, your salary might be up to SGD $60k per annum, based on full-time employment, with us that is 40 hours a week. 

Extra $$$ Project Profit Sharing

This profit sharing is paid out monthly on top of your basic salary, according to your project contribution and profitability of the project's total sum. We believe you should be rewarded for your effort.

Everyone Loves Holidays

Do you work full-time? Then you are entitled to 22 holidays per year. In addition, there are no fixed or mandatory holidays, so you choose which (religious) holidays are important for you. 

Allowances are always welcome

We want you to be able to do your job comfortably, therefore we give you the following allowances on top of your monthly salary:

  • SGD $120  per month for your mobile phone & home wifi
  • SGD $100 per month for your Ez link ( transport )

Get in touch

Are you ready to explore your career opportunities with us? We want to hear from you! So hit that apply button and tell us what interests you about the Traineeship. No resume needed here, just provide your LinkedIn profile link or leave a short message in the comment box.

We’ll get back to you within a week, even if we aren’t the right fit for you. 

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