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Business IT Traineeship Mendix - Malaysia

Who are we looking for

The fact that you are reading this vacancy means that you would be interested in an IT traineeship, and that you might be starting your journey in the world of Low Code with us! Whether you just finished your study or if you are open to explore a career change, we are happy to get to know you and your ambitions, regardless of your field of expertise.

From every Trainee we expect that you are a critical thinker and a natural problem solver, a nice person and work well in teams. Are you also an IT enthusiast with strong analytical skills? You will be responsible for developing and implementing strategies, such as web-based applications or other IT systems, to address client needs. For building the solutions, we use the Mendix low code platform. You will be trained and guided by our experts, both on the technical field and the consulting field.

The traineeship

We take Traineeships very seriously, that's why we have created an environment with experienced mentors to nurture talent. A few of the milestones  (no worries, we will help you achieve this) in your traineeship will be:

  • Get your Mendix certifications
  • Learning the basics of HTML & CSS
  • Gain knowledge of SQL
  • Build your own application
  • Get SCRUM certifications
  • Work with the team on international projects

About the role

In this role, you will have the opportunity to take ownership of projects and work with leading clients to make an impact in the digital transformation space. You will be building your own applications with the Mendix platform, a modern way of building business applications, this will be an important part of your job. We are seeking someone who is curious and passionate about learning new technologies and improving their skills. If you are a fresh graduate, have the desire to grow and develop at your own pace, we would love to hear from you!

What do we offer

At Blue Green Solutions, we offer competitive compensation, including bonuses, as well as flexible working hours and allowances. We offer regular events, including dinners, drinks and trips. As we have an office in Amsterdam, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore you can expect to make trips between the different locations. Come join us and make your mark in the exciting world of digital transformation!
Salary indication: RM 5.000 - RM 7.500 monthly

Working Together

(Almost) everything is more fun together. That is why we work together at the office, sometimes remotely, but also at the customers' premises. 

We have several seniors walking around who are Mendix Expert certified, real 'heavy hitters' so to say! Next to development and architecture work, they also fulfill a crucial role in the coaching and guidance of you.

Personal growth

We like to invest in your professional development and that is why you get 14 study days per year. We make sure that our team members receive the necessary certifications to excel in their respective roles. We offer a range of certification programs, including Mendix, Scrum and AWS among others.

We are firm believers of our team members being happy, healthy, and mentally fit. Our work-life balance policy is designed to promote a healthy balance between work and personal life, allowing our employees to recharge outside of work.

In Blue Green Solutions we strive for a team-culture. We play sports, games, music, go out and make friends. We are also committed to providing our team members with the necessary support and resources to achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

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